PLEASE LEAVE US YOUR STORY...                                WHAT HERO STORY DO YOU HAVE???



by JoJo on 04/21/14

My coworker Amanda Schneider was telling me about the little ducks around her Condo. The week before she had shown me a picture of them and the momma, they are sooooooooooooo cute!!

Well, this Saturday, the Momma walked across the covered drain and one by one each of the baby ducks fell through. All 7 of them. The momma and Amanda both got quite upset. Amanda went running to the drain… and she could see the little baby ducklings swimming and crying. She hurriedly called her condo emergency number and the end result was that someone would get back to her Monday, Monday, said Amanda, they need help now. so, she called her neighbor and her neighbor brought over a strained gravy ladle. Ha, that wont work said Amanda, one, it isn’t long enough. but luckily another neighbor found a net and one by one each and everyone of the ducks were saved. And off went the mother and ducklings and left Amanda with a smile knowing she did a good deed.


When Amanda shared that with me, I called her MY HERO. :O)